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Thread: I love a bargain

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    I was helping a friend move today. I found a 30 gallon aquarium in a lonely corner and said, "Hey, you going to use that?" He said. "No, it's yours and there are two more down stairs". Yes!!!

    Okay, this was good, but wait. This friend tends to start things and never finish them. My husband and I rebuild motorcycles. This friend bought an old CB750 that needed a lot of love and was going to fix it. That was two years ago. He added, "Take the bike to". YES!!!

    This gets added to two other bikes in work, a TS 250 dual sport ($100), and a EX 500 ($70). Hehehe.

    We do have working bikes, a Virago 750 (mine) and a GS 850 (hubby).
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    Wow, aren't you lucky!! Your generousity paid off big time!! I don't know anything about motorcycles, but that sounds cool!!
    I am back..

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