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Thread: Advice and help please

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    Sorry I made it unclear at first, I was in a rush at school....

    I am planning to conduct an experiment to test wether a Venus Fly Trap can survive solely on the consumption on flys. To make this a fair experiment this also means that I would be leaving the plants in a dark terrarium. They will have exposure to one or two hours of light per day so they dont die, yet are unable to photosynthesize. (sp) They will be placed in an area where flys are common ( I will leave a rotten fruit to the entrance of each plants terrarium) One plant will be covered in fly screen so it has no access to flies, the otyher will fend naturally and the other will be hand fed.....

    Sorry for making unclear befroe and thanks for all the help...I look forward to even more!!... VFT are certainly amazing plants!!

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    Quote (PlantAKiss @ April 02 2003,10:59)
    Hi KuSa

    Welcome to the forums!

    Perhaps you could do a project to demonstrate how the VFT has particular care requirements (that simulate its natural environment). You could have two you care for in the proper way, one you "break all the rules." You could chart the growth of the two plants and record the differences. That way, you could explain how the plant lives naturally in nutrient poor soil and it evolved to eat bugs as a supplement, etc.

    Have one plant in proper soil, good lighting, water with pure water. Have another in low light, water with tap water, have in regular potting soil and use fertilizer...etc.

    But I think your classmates might enjoy learning about carnivorous plants and how to grow them properly.

    Only bad thing is you'll sacrifice a VFT.

    Just an idea! Good luck!

    Excellent idea... a better experiment in my opinion.
    There's a tunnel at the end of the light...

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