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Thread: My thoughts on inground containger bog placement

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    I have acquired some large outdoor pots that are normally used to plant trees
    in. The two I plan on using for my bogs are 32 inches diameter, and about 34 inches
    deep. They are about 2 inches thick (these things are very heavy!) and I think
    are glazed teracota. One has some chipping inside. I was planing on using
    some weather sealing paint to seal up the exposed clay. Then I was planning on
    lining the pots with plastic to make sure nothing would leach into the CP soil.
    I am going to bury the pots in the ground right up next to the South side of
    my house in-line with some rose bushes. Below is a very quick (not pretty)
    picture of my plans. The red are the rose bushes.

    I am in Zone 5.

    Here are my questions:

    1. Is there anything wrong with my container choice?

    2. Roses have a tendency be troubled by aphids, am I asking for an aphid
    infestation in my CPs?

    3. I don't want to start a war, but drain holes or no drain holes in the container(
    and plastic liner)? If so, where, sides, bottom, ...?

    4. Being right next to the basement wall of my house, how will that affect soil
    temperature? Will I have a micro climate that is more zone 6 than zone 5?

    5. I'm planning on mostly Sarracenias. S. flava and S. purpurea. But I am
    interested in any CP that would be hardy to this set up. What are some other CPs I could use?

    6. Any thing I'm may be missing?

    Please let me know what you think are the ups and downs of this setup.

    D. Buck.

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    Hand me your Mallet RP!

    Now to answer some very appropriate questions.

    I gather you are planning to overwinter them as they are. If so I would not recommend terracota. They will sooner or later absorb moisture and when they do they will disintegrate from the freezing/thawing in the spring and fall. A plastic material would be much more suited to handle the climate year round. In fact you could skip a container totally and line a hole with heavy plastic or pond liner, provided you take precautions to make sure there is nothing in the hole that would make holes in it.

    This leads to my next remark. If you put holes in .. put them in the side a couple inches from the top so that excess water will seep out but yet can hold a fair amount of water and keep bog like conditions.

    I don't think being next to your house like that would make too much difference in the soil temperature.. but I could be wrong.

    You will have to watch for pests.. more so because they are outside rather than indoors in a more closed environment. Not because of the roses.

    One thing I see that may cause problems is stray chemicals like fungicide/insecticide or fertilizer intended for the roses, getting to your bogs. Or even simply tap water from a sprinkler watering the lawn or the rose bed.


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    eel electric
    Chives planted near roses help to keep aphids away. Plus they make tasty additions to many meals. Not much help with your post, but maybe a little.

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    I think that there will be a mallet giveaway for all the moderators.

    It appears that we need more of them, and I hate to dirty up RP

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