Hi folks I've been beefing up my Ork sculpt tonight and I think he looks much tougher and meaner now. I like the muscles so much now that I've begun tooling the major areas into more sculpted detail. That's why all the stripes which look kind of like muscle anatomy drawings in biology books. Using this tool helps you get a balance between each side.

I've reworked the rear of the cavernous mouth and am getting real happy with the way the details are coming out! A friend asked me why the tongue did not stick out like on so many fantasy sculptures of beastly things. Maybe someone else might think the same thing. The reason I made the tongue pulled back is because if you scream any words, even nonsense words you make up, your tongue does not stick up or protrude. I want it to appear he's screaming a war cry or battle chant. A mirror is good for figuring out these kinds of wacky details.

Taking photos is helpful because I see the eyebrows are kinda whimpy now! I still don't like the eyes so I will be recovering the marbles and resculpt the eyelids anyway (the eyes are the most important aspect of working towards a "realistic" sculpt of anything). I'll be giving him big meaty eyebows, maybe not even leaving too much eyeball showing.

Here's a few pics of my working area, as you see, I'm truely one of the cleanest and most organized persons you'll ever find...

here is a shot of the way I ready my clay.

This is SFX clay from Monster Makers Inc. It is a very hard clay which behaves like wax and can be melted to a pourable liquid. Place in an oven to soften or set under a 60W desk lamp in a tinfoil pan and let it warm up and soften. you have about 15 minutes to work it before it turns to hard wax like substance again. If you whip out a hairdryer you can resoften to do major reworkings if need be.

Here's a partial selection of my tools:

They are everything from homemade things to dental tools, wax and clay carving tools and even knitting needles are great for working details into clay. You can also see the Nepenthes lowii in progress but this prototype is not really correct so it will be redone sometime.