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Thread: Dormancy question of the year

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    I have my CP's on the front porch. They get a couple hours of direct sunlight in the morning, then bright shade for the rest of the day.
    With the coming of autumn, the sun is getting lower in the sky, and the temps are starting to get lower at night so my plants theoretically should be getting ready to go dormant. I live in San diego, so the dormancy will probably begin in late November.

    Heres the question....
    is dormancy triggered by lower temps or reduced photoperiod? The reason I ask is, I (actually my landlord) has a bright (27 watt) power compact porch light that comes on when it gets dark, then goes off in the morning. The plants are about 8 feet away from the light (small porch).
    So my plants are always getting some light, 24 hours a day.
    Will this screw up the plants going dormant? the plants don't seem to be slowing down any on the growth, however it is still early Oct.
    Another question, how to tell if the sarrs are going dormant? What do phyllodia look like? Any pics?
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    Photoperiod & temperature are both involved with dormancy, but light, or the lack thereof, is the major player. I don't know how much affect your landlord's lights have a upon the plants. Phyllodia are leaves that come up but do not produce pitchers. If I had a decent camera, I'd show you pics of my S flava with the phenomenon. Maybe later in the week.

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