Here is the first one I brought in... S purpurea ssp venosa; I rescued this one from a small cubic plastic prison at Lowe's. In the foreground is a prolific U livida in bloom. Not seen, to the right of the utric in the same pot, is a D capensis seedling. The two largest pitchers have grown since I brought the pot into my office.

Peeking into the frame to the right are a few leaves and the spent inflorescence of a Tillandsia cyanea.

(Here is a nice, hi-res pic of this plant taken a few weeks ago. It is before the first large leaf developed much venation, and before the second large leaf came in. 2.6 MB file)

The next photo is my S rubra (unknown ssp., but probably rubra), also rescued from Lowe's. The small green patch on the right side of the pot is a P primuliflora plantlet. I will eventually seed this pot with U bisquamata or U subulata.