I just joined this site where you get paid for giving your opinion on court cases. You can be paid $5 to $50 or even more per survey.
Here's the info from a email they sent me.

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Quote[/b] ]Dear Juror:

Thank you for signing up as a juror with JuryTest Networks and welcome to your role in a revolutionary role of helping lawyers assess their cases and make better decisions in representing their clients.

Your role will be invaluable in this service. Now that you are a registered juror, you are eligible to review cases posted by our lawyer clients. In the days or weeks to come, you will be receiving e-mails notifying you of interesting cases to review. We will apprise you ahead of time on the terms of payment for the case. You will have the option of participating in both paid and unpaid cases.

All you need to review cases is a computer with speakers and the RealPlayer media player loaded on your computer. If you do not have RealPlayer, you can download it by going to the following URL:


If you have any questions about your service on JuryTest Networks, please do not hesitate to write us at help@jurytest.net.

Also, please e-mail your MALE friends and relatives to inform them about becoming a juror. We are getting 4:1 women to men, so we need more MALE jurors. Many thanks.

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