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Thread: Diy desk / modeling bench

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    yep, it runs on real steam.
    it has a small fuel tank that holds butane.
    the butane is lit and makes a fire inside the boiler.
    the flame heats the water and makes steam, and the steam pushes the pistons in the cylinders and makes the wheels turn!
    the steam them exausts out the stack.
    its really the same as a full-size locomotive!
    except it burns butane while full-size locomotives burned coal or wood. (and a few burned oil)
    here is the detailed "builders log" that shows every construction photo I have so far.
    (most of those photos are also on the webpage, btu not all of them)

    the brass pilot was scratchbuilt from brass, by cutting, filing and soldering!

    this is the second "live steamer" I have built..
    the first one involved a lot more scratchbuilding!
    she is here:

    that one is actually a far more primitive machine.
    she burns sterno to heat the water and make steam.
    then one cylinders drives the chains to turn the wheels.

    both engines are "G scale"
    they run on 45mm gauge G-scale track.
    The Ruby is 1/20.3 scale.
    and the older one is really without an official scale, just because it is totally freelanced.
    if I had to pick a scale it would be more like 1/24..


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    Wow the chains! I really dig that one - it almost looks like a DaVinci machine or something! You wouldn't happen to have a GIF/mpeg of that one running would you?

    Cool buildup! I'll read the whole thing tonight after work!

    Thanks Mabudon, you nailed my goal! I want the details to be kind of soft like Franzetta without ripping off an actual Franzetta work. I made a latex skin texture stamp from a piece of aligator leather (fake stamped stuff) and it comes out really good when impressed on the flesh of this guy so I think it'll be a massive time saver on detailing. I'll have some new pics up by Thursday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (swords @ Feb. 20 2005,12:19)]Wanna see something scary? Here's ,my "work area" before the new desk and storage rack:

    run for your lives it's a junkslide!
    MOTHER, HOLY MARY OF JESUS!! It looks EXACTLY like my best friend's house!!
    Liquid Plummer
    Warning: Do not reuse the bottle to store beverages.

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