How could you know, John? Get off your own case, and just be glad it was brought out that his sarracenia seed is bogus. Thankfully, his drosera have a fairly decent record, and can be bought with some expectations of a strike here and there. Still, be prepared. I know that tuberous drosera can take forever to sprout. I got d. macranthra from the ICPS seed bank long ago, and put them in their seed tray. I gave them six months wet, and six months dry, as per their growing season (roughly). Still, it took four years of this before 6 babies made their way into the world. I took them to a BACPS meeting to show one and all, and they were stolen and gone before I knew what hit me! I never went back.
(Except to go get ordered sarracenia seed that would not grow. Ripped again!!)