With Garfield done I had to start up this classic punk rock icon:

It's 7 inches high without the 2" mohawk yet. Waiting for the teeth to bake now.
The original drawing is one of the earliest done by "Pushead" an artist most famously known for his amazingly detailed skull tee shirts for the band Metallica and the designs of the skateboard company Zorlac in the 1980s.

Back to Home Movies... These will be the "master toy" sculpts meaning just their basic costumes. From these green (Castilene) wax carvings a silicone mold will be made to create the "basic" Brendon, Jason & Melissa toy patterns in urethane. Depending upon what the client wants after seeing the initial home movies "blanks" they can be recast with a harder form of toy wax and creating changes in expression, costume, pose, etc, then the changes sent as a urethane cast for approval.