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Thread: You know you're a spamer when...

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    You know your a spammer when

    -Your signature is longer than all your posts

    -Half your posts are from photo threads, saying, "Interesting"

    -The other half are posts like "lol"

    -The other.. half.. of posts are from game topics

    -You think post count says how advanced you are in CPing

    -You compete with other spammers to get the highest post count

    -Ozzy suddenly doesn't look like a spammer

    -You're dieing to have member # 1337
    -The mods get so sick of reading every single page they just let it go

    -You think this topic isn't a spam topic

    -The "Regards to.." threads aren't annoying

    -This thread isn't annoying

    -You enjoyed "War on squirrels"

    Add away This thread is for all you people that are sick of spam posts and want to end it (This thread isn't spam, I think.. If it is I apologize) And it's not a game topic.

    *Awaiting 0zzys imput*

    OH, and:

    -When you make the sound of a wookie (inside joke to 0zzy)

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    if you post threads about how to tell if you're a spammer.
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