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Thread: All men were created equal

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    I disagree with Scot because I don't think people have an equal ability to reach their full potential. The child of a wealthy & influential family can be a drunk screw-up for decades, but can always rely on the helping hand of family and others. Who knows, maybe even become president. A highly intelligent and motivated child of a poor family can see her future derailed for any number of reasons.

    I screwed up when I first started college and ended up nearly flunking out before dropping out and driving a truck and working on the staff of a sheltered workshop for six months. But my parents supported my return to school and that time it worked. Lots and lots of 19 year olds in my situation would never have gotten a second chance. Some undoubtedly had higher potential than me.

    By the way, men (and women) aren't created, but it seems we've covered that topic before.
    Bruce in CT

    Madness is something rare in individuals but in groups, parties, peoples, ages it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche

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    hmmm..I dont know Bruce,
    I agree with you to an extent, but I also think people can find a way to do something if they really want to.

    for example, I went to a SUNY (State U of NY) college because its all I thought I could afford.
    good education! and I dont regret it.
    but I always wanted to go to Cornell.
    I just thought there was no way financially..
    but I ended up getting my entire education paid for by grants and loans! my parents didnt pay a dime. (which was good, because they couldnt afford a dime!)
    I just finished paying off my college loans last year.
    (only $12,000 for 5 years! not bad)
    so..could I have gone to Cornell?
    probably..I just would have had a much larger loan load!
    but if I had gone for engineering or something like that, I could probably afford the huge loans.
    So poverty didnt have to hold me back..

    of course, if you are poor and you go to Cornell and you graduate with $100,000 in college loans, you better make darn sure you pick a major thats going to pay you a ton of money! be a doctor, dont go to Cornell to be a liberal arts major!
    but if you have the mental capability to do that, being poor doesnt have to be an obstacle..

    and you said in your case "you screwed up".
    well..that was your choice, you didnt *have* to screw up.
    so that obstacle wasnt something that was out your control..

    and those other 19year olds who didnt get the second chance..well maybe they didnt, but in that case its their fault that they needed a second chance that never came.
    they HAD the first chance..they chose to not take advantage of it..
    again, thats just a choice, not a rigid unsolvable obstacle..


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    closed at the topic creators request.

    will delete it tomorrow.

    Is that a Nepenthes in your pocket or you just happy to see me?

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