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Thread: Ya know what's neat?

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    As a total newbie last year, I received many seeds and gemmae, from a variety of people. For those species that survived my inexperience, I am now being rewarded with second generation flowers, seeds, gemmae, and plants.

    Today I noticed a D. cocchicaulis plant sending up a flower scape. Earlier in the month, the D. enodes & stelliflora that Tamlin sent are sending up flower scapes. From the original P. primuliflora I bought 18 months ago, a few of the plantlets are sending up flowers. Same with D. sp. Cuba 1, D. scorpiodes, and U. bisquamata.

    Hopefully, I will see some more neat things over the coming year!

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    lol i know what you mean Jim, last year i was doing everything i could to get my hands on any Utric i could find. the last 2 months i have sent out divisions of about 20 different species and varieties of Utrics and Genlisea as either a trade or a give away. the Pygmy Drosera gemmea that Tamlin sent me 15 months ago, some of my very first CPs i ever had, have produced gemmea of their own. and the trade forum is responsible for about 90% of what i have.
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