Hey All-

I'm about 90% done with my lowland hothouse. I should have been completely done over the past weekend, but I recieved some wrong parts and I got a bit of the cold. To make matters worse, it rained today as I was putting the paneling up . . . sheesh . . . Achoo!!

I've got my heater with a nice thermostat, and a greenhouse fogger coming in a day or two, which is about the same time I will be receiving my humidistat and a nice fan to push the air around.

Since it will be mainly a lowland swampy hothouse for my bicals and raffs, I've got the heat and humidity coverd. My 5.0 mm Solexx greenhouse will provid about 70% soft diffused light and the water quality here in Portland, Oregon is very soft (6-11 parts per million).

I will also be placing 4, 55 gallon black drums that will serve as the legs of my benches, filled with water to help with the heating department (kinda like a heat sink).

For other CP greenhouse growers, are there other tips or suggestions you've learned that will help me make a more successful greenhouse?

Any info will be greatly appreciated

Good Growing Y'all.