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Thread: Possible bog location question

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    Possible bog location question

    I have a few Sarracenia growing in mini bogs in pots, and have decided I want to make a large bog garden. I am in the UK and have a natural area in my garden, which is just a boggy ditch.
    My question is can I use this area somehow, will the plants grow in here? So I do not have to create an artifical bog.

    Any ideas and help will be appreciated.

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    certain species of utricularia are invasive, and i believe populations of S. purpurea have been established in certain parts of the UK---so yes, the plants will grow there....but for the sake of local ecological diversity of the native species living there, i'd urge you not to do so.
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    Normal garden soil will not work, they need a nutrient free soil wich is why making one is best. This ditch does it have running water? What is the soil like, is there spag. moss? Best bet would be if its normal soil would be to dig some of the trench out that is if it isnt to much running water. Lay some sort of liner down, maybe even plastic kiddy pools or maybe an old claw foot bath tub.....fill it with sand peat moss mix then plant away, there are more intricate directions online with where to put drainage holes and how deep and all that. Do you have pictures? its hard to say without knowing what it looks like

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    If it's a ditch, then likely it receives runoff from the rest of your yard, which might not be the best for planting things you want to keep - one big storm could wipe out a lot of valued specimens. And if you're gardening nearby, there's almost certainly all sorts of nutrients in that runoff that carnivorous plants won't like. If you really want to use that space, look into building a rain garden, and once it's established you can test the soil and water to see if CPs are worth trying there.
    But also do look out for invasives like amp says.
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