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Thread: New Highland cooling system using slightly modified A/C

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    I'm glad my site is talked about

    This looks interesting, but my set-up's pretty big... & cold air falls so it probably won't be suitable for me. I'll probably stick to the A/C & watering with refrigerated water and misting with refridgerated water with the possible addition of a fog machine... with refridgerated water.
    I used the ultrasonics before, they're ok. not enough for me though. Gonna try out a new thing I found.

    Your set-up is really nice! Love the natural look!!
    Take a look at the Orchidarium's if you have a chance. I've had one for years and they work & look great! Although a tad bit pricey they have everything but the cooling built in. I usually use em for Lowland type stuff but I've used em for Highland in the basement with great success.

    I've been around here for some time actually, but been too busy with other projects to post photos here much. Just a few times a year these days it seems...
    If you like CP photos, then check out my latest thing: KaelinStudios
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    I'll be trying something similar pretty soon hopefully. Thanks for showing your method!
    Da' mishu
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    Could probably come out cheaper using a fridge as a chiller. Same principal really. Circ cold water through a radiator in the tank. I plan to use a fridge setup for my small tank and a deep freezer for my GH. run antifreeze water through the pipes. Should work great.
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