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Thread: Trying to set up a 10 gallon terrarium

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    Thanks for the replies! UnstuckinTime, that looks awesome; if I ever get a larger terrarium I will certainly try and make a lid like that, but if I were to do this with my current terrarium I think getting my plants out or moving them around would be sort of difficult.
    Today I went to a nearby lowes looking for some plexiglass to make my lid, I learned that they cut the stuff for free; I ended up having them cut a relatively thick piece of plexiglass to size .

    I still have to drill a hole in the plexiglass (so I can put a cpu fan in the terrarium) and make some sort of handle so I can remove the lid (it's going to fit very snug). I also have to figure out how many LEDs I need; Im thinking of getting 6 Cree XM-L2 warm white, 6 Cree XM-L2 cool white, and some blue and red LEDs of some kind (probably Cree XP-E2 or Luxeon Rebel).. LEDs are so expensive
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