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Thread: Grow tent night temperature.

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    Grow tent night temperature.

    Hi Guys
    My first post.
    At the risk of talking about something that has been done to death.
    I have a grow tent measuring 90x90x170cm. I've been struggling with getting the temperature drop at night. Daytime temperature, lighting and humidity are all good. With lights on the temperature reaches 25-26 degrees. Then drops back to room temperature (20 degrees) when off.
    Tried ice packs and bottles of frozen water, passive venting with exstractor fan. Even tried a small box cooler as seen on TV.
    Nothing has helped bring the temperature down to 15 degrees.
    Any advice would be great.

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    That's a steep temperature drop. My personal experience with this kind of thing in general is that heating an enclosure is much easier than cooling one down. One trick you can try is by making a makeshift air conditioner. Basically, take a cooler or plastic tub and small stationary desk fan. Cut a hole in the lid of the cooler/tub lid that perfectly fits the fan. Cut a hole in the side of the tub and screw a plastic dryer vent hookup into the side of the tub. Put the fan in the top and run dryer venting attached to the dryer vent hookup into one of the grow tent vents. Fill the the tub with a bunch of ice packs/ice/frozen water bottles and basically pump cold air into the tent.

    The basic principle is this only rigged up to a grow tent.

    You'd have to refreeze and refill the unit every day which would be time consuming and irritating after a while

    I can't promise it will get you to that temperature though, especially considering the dimensions of the tent. My base temperature in my tent with no cooling or lighting elements on is 79 F (26 C). With the lights off and a lot of ice packs put inside and the tent, the lowest I've managed to get is 69 F (20C) and that was for a 90cm by 90cm by 60cm tent. Your only other real options for getting to that temperature is trying to grow in a wine chiller or getting an air conditioner made for grow tents. Both of those will put a big spike in your power usage/bill.

    Because of where I live and the fact that I grow in 3rd floor apartment, I've had to limit myself to growing only lowland tropical species, Australian sundews, and North American temperate species (which seem to handle heat much better than the South African species I've been trying to grow lately)

    Good luck man...
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