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Thread: My Indoor Highland Greenroom

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    My Indoor Highland Greenroom

    Quote Originally Posted by nepenthesl0ve View Post
    yeah, it was definitely a runaway plant ordering spree for the record books hah

    would love to see your plants, how long have you been growing CPs?
    I'm relatively new to CPs (though long time lover of plants and came from planted freshwater aquarium world). I was gifted a D. capensis randomly 2 years ago that took off but I hadn't fallen in love until I found nepenthes, and started collecting late summer last year. I will need to start a thread to show my small but growing collection! I aspire to a greenhouse or grow room like yours!

    Here are a few pics:

    (ventricosa sibuyanensis) (talangensis aristolochioides) - prolific pitcherer (is that a word?) for the small plant that it is


    Newest pitcher on a recent addition, boschiana x veitchii 'pink'

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    wow really love that boschiana x veitchii and truncata is one of my favorite species out there! I also started long ago with drosera and then found nepenthes and my interest in CPs went to another level. i will warn you now, when you go to make a new larger space to grow choose the absolute largest you can afford! My growroom felt huge building it and i filled it in under a year

    would be great to see you start a thread. its fun to look back years later at just how much progress your plants and your setup has made!
    lover of toothy species and hybrids


    highland tent

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