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Thread: Bog Garden on NC Coast

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    Bog Garden on NC Coast

    I now reside roughly 2 miles from the coast in North Carolina about midway--so it doesn't go below 15F in the winter, and it's usually humid enough.
    There isn't salt spray from what I'm seeing but the soil is sandy...
    Can't I toss together a bog garden, throw a bunch of drosera and pings in there then let it go?
    It's been a solid 3 years of not growing and now that I'm away from Hawai'i now in a native (?) CP region I'd like to give it a whirl with the auction combined with a location to put said plants.

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    You live within the native range for a lot of the North American species so setting up a bog is a simple as picking an appropriate spot on your property to place it. Bog gardens are just large plastic tubs or thick plastic sheeting sunk into the ground and then filled with peat so it should be very simple for you to do.

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