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Thread: Humidity help

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    Humidity help I’ve converted a ten gallon tank into a closed terrarium. (Closed for now but figured I could put ventilation if needed). I cannot seem to get much info on how much humidity is needed... for now I’ve got in there

    Maidenhair fern (leaves started curling and not looking good)
    Fluffy ruffle fern (leaves got a funky color..took it out cut it back and it’s enclosed in a cup to see if it’ll grow back)
    A few African violets so far doing fine..but can take them out if they go south
    Cryptanthus doing fine
    Begonia died
    Fittonia doing fine..
    Various mosses seem to be doing okay

    My humidity levels have been in the 75 to 80% as I cannot figure out what the issue is and how much humidity is needed. I’ve searched everywhere ..I’m not getting much but very few have given the 70 to 80 range so I’m not sure what the issue is.

    Any help would be appreciated...I have a ton of plants...(roughly 200 to 300)..a bunch of tropical I used what I had and loved water...and was open to removing and replacing if it didn’t work out...but I wasn’t expecting this much unhappiness with the plants. I’ve not had any condensation except for when I added water (there is plenty of drainage..I went off of serpadesign on yt)..or any water droplets...
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    Hopefully someone growing more in the manner you are adds their opinions and ideas but I can offer this - I grow in enclosed terraria but I grow semi-tropical carnivorous species at high light levels. I try to keep the humidity levels between 60 and 70% as I find that fungus becomes a problem at much higher. I do use a circulation fan to help. Moss grows very well in my conditions and I find that at least some species seem to do better with the high humidity. 'Hope this helps.
    - Mark

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