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Thread: Source for Lava Rock

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    Source for Lava Rock

    Hey all!
    I have seen a few photos online of Pings and such rooted onto lava rock and the lava rock simply placed in water to wick it up. I was wondering if anyone could point me I nthe right direction to where to buy such a piece of rock?

    Thank you, and happy growing,


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    Are there any landscape suppliers in your area? Might not be able to buy individual pieces, but worth checking out. Some fish stores (probably not the Big Box ones) might also carry lava rock since it can be used as hardscape for aquariums. Side note, I swear there was someone on one of the Facebook CP sales pages selling rock but I can't find their post...

    One thing I've read is that sometimes it takes some experimenting to find one that wicks the right amount of water. Apparently some aren't as great at that, or it requires some strategic use of peat/moss in pockets to retain enough moisture.
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