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Thread: Mold control for wood

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    Mold control for wood

    I have an untreated wooden shelf in my lowland nep enclosure, which is getting a bit of mold growing on it. Probably need to do something about it. Would like a solution like a paint or other coating that has no possibility of toxicity to my plants (there is a lot of evaporation and condensation going on in there, obvs) as well as non-toxic to humans as it is an indoor enclosure.

    Any recs? thanks!
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    Any kind of outdoor paint should be fine. Just wait for it to be fully dry and sealed and there shouldnt be a risk of contamination.

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    Depends on if you would like to see the wood underneath, or if you don't care. As Grey points out, paint would work fine. Or you can find any number of wood sealers (tinted or not) at your given hardware store. These are utilized for decks and wooden outdoor furniture. Since they're hydrophobic, there should be no worries about contamination.

    Keep in mind that when you seal moisture out, you're also sealing moisture in. So make sure that it's relatively dry before you try coating it.
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    Maybe I'm late in writing, but it's very effective to coat wood with oil or epoxy varnish. It is also completely safe and resistant to moisture.

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