<center>This is a totally unpaid, unendorsed and shamelessly groveling advertisement for...</CENTER>



Opening Sunday, May 8th!

Please consider making a donation of any item that might fetch a buck!

If you have nothing to offer...don't feel bad. Direct donations of any amount are also appreciated. </center>

This is a charity event to raise money to fund the new Sarracenia conservation and preservation organization, NASC. All funds go directly to NASC to pay for any operating and project expenses.

<center>Please bear in mind this is all about DONATIONS to NASC.</center>
The fact that you may get a nice plant or other item should be "icing on the cake." We hope you can find some bargains or something you've been wanting. But the energy behind this auction is for raising funds so that NASC can operate.

<center>Thanking you in advance for any item donations (big or small) and all bids! GOOD LUCK!

Our Phearless Leader Phil will be collecting funds this year. Wooohooo! **The complete and final auction rules will be pinned in the new Auction Forum** upon opening of the auction. Please ask any questions you might have. You can review the basic rules already posted in the General Forum. Please PM/email PlantAKiss if you have any questions!</center>

<center>[b]It Takes a Community to Make a Difference!</center>

p.s. Don't report me for being obnoxious...its my job.