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Thread: Golden sphagnum moss aka angel moss

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    I recently went to a local nursery around my house and was looking for Long fiber sphagnum moss. I ran out of what I ordered from Anyways the only kind of moss they had their that resembled LFS was this stuff called Angel Moss. It's also known as Golden Sphagnum Moss. I was wondering if this stuff is ok to use with CP. The only resource I could find on the web about it was this:

    So what do you think? Will this work ok? Thanks!
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    Looks like plain old dried sphagnum to me. Angel Moss is the name of the brand, not the moss. The sphagnum from New Zealand (where Angel Moss does its farming) comes in very high regard from other CPers around here, as I recall. Plus, it's sustainably harvested, which is definitely cool. It should work just fine. Thanks for pointing these guys out - just the other day we were talking about sustainable sphagnum providers, and I know several folks said they were interested in finding one.
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