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Thread: Johnny's Grow List of Stuffs

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    Talking Johnny's Grow List of Stuffs

    At the moment I've just constricted my haphazardly growing collection to two four clean, well-lighted 10-gallon tanks, getting rid of plants I didn't really like. This is my updated growlist for now.

    D. Spatulata
    D. Adelae
    D. Capensis 'Typical'
    D. Capillaris 'Long Arm'
    D. Capillaris
    D. Capillaris 'Red'
    D. Binata
    D. Dichotoma 'Giant'
    D. [Unknown fork-leaved variety]
    D. Prolifera
    D. Capensis 'Alba'
    D. Aliciae
    D. Hamiltonii
    D. Slackii (Only numerous infants)
    D. Spatulata 'Frazer Island'
    D. Trinervia (Either dormant or dead)

    N. x Ventrata
    N. [Unknown] (This one's not actually in any of the tanks... it's about 6 feet tall)

    P. 'John Rizzi' (on a rock)
    P. Gigantea
    P. Esseriana

    G. [Unknown. Very tiny, never flowers, and covers the ground. May actually be an Utric, I haven't pulled any up to see yet.]

    S. [Unknown]
    S. [Unknown]
    S. [Unknown]

    U. Nephrophylla
    U. Graminifolia
    U. Sandersonii
    U. Dichotoma
    U. Merriwak

    Other plants
    A strange African succulent that oozes weird-smelling liquid when you break it's leaves
    Numerous cacti

    That is all.


    UPDATE: Finally, I found my growlist and updated it. It hasn't been updated since last year; sorry for any confusion.
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