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Thread: hamata (Jonathan) Grow List

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    hamata (Jonathan) Grow List

    updated: 9/24/10

    Plants in bold have had their sex identified

    Nepenthes Species:

    alata (t)
    2 x ampullaria, BE seed
    ampullaria cherry
    ampullaria 53209 'dark w/brown speckles, green peristome
    ampullaria 53302 'pink w/cherry speckles, green peristome
    ampullaria 'green pitcher, hotlip'
    ampullaria 'speckled pitcher, hotlip'
    ampullaria 'red'
    bicalcarata 'sarawak giant red seedling'
    'king tiger' red
    maxima 'tristan dark clone'
    mirabilis (m)
    2 x mirabilis 'trang bizarre'
    mirabilis var. echinostoma 'purple select'
    rafflesiana 'dark red/purple'
    rafflesiana (e)
    rafflesiana (p) alata x kondo
    rafflesiana (q) brunei squat x alata showing winged tendril
    rafflesiana tricolor
    rafflesiana 'kondo' var.
    rafflesiana var. alata EP
    14 x rafflesiana var. alata (various forms)
    rafflesiana 'purple speckles
    rafflesiana 'white'
    reinwardtiana 'red' seedling
    rowanae (a)
    rowanae (?)
    sanguinea (e)
    2 x sumatrana
    4 x truncata QoH x KoS
    2 x veitchii (h)
    2 x veitchii (k)
    ventricosa (n)
    viking (about 30 different forms)
    viking 'J2' {female}
    viking 'super A#19' {female}

    Nepenthes hybrids

    5 x ((thorelii x rafflesiana) x thorelii) x veitchii H/L
    4 x (lowii x veitchii) x boschiana
    5 x (veitchii x lowii) x spectabilis
    (thorelii x mixta 'superba') x albomarginata
    (thorellii x rafflesiana) x rowanae 'plantman winged'
    (veitchii xx tiveyi) x (maxima x sanguinea) 'tristan'
    (veitchii x maxima) x spectabilis 'tristan'
    (ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x carunculata var. robusta
    (ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x merrilliana
    2 x ampullaria x ventricosa
    bellii x [(stenophylla x lowii) x (x 'rokko' x veitchii)] 'J1' {Male}
    bellii x [(stenophylla x lowii) x (x 'rokko' x veitchii)] 'J2' {Female}

    bellii x truncata KoS
    bellii x (thorelii x aristolochioides) 'EPP' {male}
    4 x bellii x carunculata var. robusta
    bellii x northiana
    bicalcarata 'red' x (spectabilis x northiana)
    2 x densiflora x truncata 'KoS'
    eymae x veitchii
    hirsuta x spathulata
    2 x lowii x (ampullaria x mira)
    5 x lowii x campanulata
    lowii x merrilliana
    2 x lowii truncata 'wide peristome'
    maxima x (lowii x veitchii)
    maxima x merrilliana
    maxima x veitchii H/L
    'northiana x veitchii'
    rafflesiana 'dark' x merrilliana
    rokko EP x veitchii H/L
    sibuyanensis x (northianan x veitchii)
    sibuyanensis x 'hamata'
    sibuyanensis x spectabilis
    spathulata x veitchii H/L
    spectabilis x mira
    2 x spectabilis x truncata 'tistan'
    2 thorelii x (eymae x veitchii) 'giant peristome'
    2 x thorelii x mirabilis
    thorelii x rafflesiana
    thorelii x trusmadiensis
    2 x truncata x spectabilis
    truncata x veitchii
    2 x veitchii H/L x boschiana
    4 x veitchii H/L x eymae
    veitchii x fusca {male}
    2 x veitchii x maxima (l)
    4 x veitchii xplatychila
    ventricosa (k) x alata
    ventricosa 'red' x truncata KoS
    ventricosa x (macfarlanei x aristolochioides)
    ventricosa x angasanensis
    ventricosa x ephippiata
    viking x (mirabilis x ampullaria) 53037
    viking x (mirabilis x ampullaria) 53320
    viking x ampullaria
    3 x viking x rafflesiana 'kondo'
    viking x tiger {male}
    viking xx kuchingensis 'red' 53019
    x dwarf peacock
    x hookeriana 'dark giant'
    x hookeriana 'harlequin'
    x hookeriana 'red' 53019
    2 x hookeriana var. alata
    x kuchingensis 'songkhla'
    x kuchingensis x (viking x rafflesiana) {female}
    x kuchingensis x rafflesiana
    x rokko 'exotica'

    Nepenthes on order/reserved/incoming

    N. truncata x (spectabilis x northiana)
    globosa 'winged'
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