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Thread: TheZ_Yo's growlist

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    TheZ_Yo's growlist

    -------------------------on order/coming soon/wait-listed---------------------------------------------

    purple pricklypear (yay thanks adnedarn!)

    not interested:
    anything not on the following list.

    very interested:
    N. undulatifolia
    N. lamii
    N. xPandarus
    N. paniculata
    N. eustachya X veitchii
    U. nelumbifolia
    Stapelia, Orbea, Huernia, & Ceropegia
    B. reducta finally!

    C. follicularis - a black/purple clone, and a regular one. Both look regular though lol...

    D. californica - from NaN, thx!

    D. muscipula - either it's B52/Big Mouth
    D. muscipula Akai Ryu
    D. muscipula Coquillage
    D. muscipula Grun
    D. muscipula Holland Red
    D. muscipula Korean Melody Shark
    D. muscipula Sawtooth
    D. muscipula Scarlatine
    D. muscipula Wacky Traps
    D. muscipula from Home depot with a nice red line under the teeth
    ...and lots of seedlings from these!

    D. madagascariensis thx NaN!

    D. capillaris thx NaN!
    D. filiformis 'CA Sunset'

    D. xAndromeda
    D. prolifera

    D. scorpioides thx NaN!
    D. echinoblastus thx NaN!
    D. paleacea sbsp. trichocaulis thx NaN!

    *petiolaris complex*
    D. paradoxa

    N. aenigma - BE
    N. ampullaria 750m Sulawesi - BE
    N. aristolochioides - BE clone
    N. bongso (formerly carunculata var robusta) - MT clone
    N. boschiana - BE clone
    N. burbidgeae - AW
    N. chaniana - BE clone
    N. clipeata - AW clone U & 2
    N. dubia - malea sumatra AW
    N. flava - AW
    N. glabrata - from chibae
    N. graciliflora variegata - SE... might be Kaput :'(
    N. gracilis - Thx Ed @ CSUF!!
    N. hamata - unknown source & BE TC clone, red hairy clone on permanent lend
    N. hamiguitanensis - AW SG?
    N. inermis - AW
    N. jacquelineae - BE
    N. lingulata - BE clone
    N. macrophylla - BE clone
    N. mikei - BE clone
    N. ovata - BE clone
    N. peltata - SG AW/TG
    N. pervillei - BE clone
    N. petiolata - BE clone
    N. pitopangii - NE clone
    N. platychila - BE clone
    N. pulchra - AW
    N. robcantleyii - QoH x KoS BE SG
    N. sibuyanensis 'Patch' - BE rooted cutting
    N. tentaculata - Maroon Spotted Clone HB
    N. tenuis - AW rooted cutting
    N. ventricosa - Cream/Porcelain TP, Madja-As BE
    N. villosa - TC BE clone on permanent lend
    N. vogelii - BE clone

    N. boschiana X campanulata - SG EP
    N. burbidgeae x campanulata - BE
    N. briggsiana Peter D'Amato - cutting from private grower
    N. campanulata X maxima - AW
    N. campanulata X (spectabilis X talangensis) - SG private grower
    N. densiflora X King of Clubs - SG BE
    N. eustachia x tenuis - BE clone
    N. eymae x jacquelinae - SG from private grower
    N. hamata x campanulata - AW
    N. hamata x platychila - MT clone
    N. izumiae x x Trusmadiensis - TP
    N. khasiana x viking - from a private grower
    N. (lowii x veitchii) X campanulata - SG EP
    N. (maxima x campanulata) x Hamakua 'Ninole' - DM SG
    N. sibuyanensis x xTrusmadiensis - TP
    N. spathulata x hamata - BE SG
    N. spathulata x peltata - BE
    N. spectabilis x talangensis - from SG private grower
    N. xsplendiana x xmixta - don't even remember. It came with a metal embossed tag.
    N. thorelii X campanulata - SG EP
    N. (truncata x campanulata) x veitchii "Pink Candy Cane" - DM SG
    N. undulatifolia x hamata - (most likely AW through DM)
    N. ((veitchii X maxima) X veitchii) X campanulata - SG DC
    N. ventricosa X hamata - SG BE
    N. ventricosa x inermis
    N. ventricosa X X Trusmadiensis - clone B from TP

    N. x Alisaputrana [N.rajah x burbidgeae] - BE SG
    N. 'Gaya' - BE clone most likely, but SE had one previously labeled??
    N. x Nephthys [N. xWrigleyana x campanulata] - SE SG
    N. x Song of Melancholy [N. boschiana hybrid] - SE SG

    S. flava var. ornata 'black veins' semi-dwarf
    S. leucophylla var. alba (Rod's favorite x dipped lip)
    S. minor 'Okefenokee'
    S. minor anthocyanin-free
    S. rosea var. luteola

    S. xAdrian Slack
    S. Umlauftiana

    U. bisquamata (a weed!!)
    U. alpina

    Pinguicula- only Mexi-pings
    P. cyclosecta (thx NaN!)
    P. kondoi
    P. hemiepiphytica
    P. gigantea
    P. laueana

    1 surviving grocery store Paph
    variegated vanilla orchid
    Phal. bellina
    Phal. bellina (bellina var. coerulea x bellina ' Montclair' AM/AOS)
    Phal. schilleriana
    Phal. stuartiana var punctatissima 'Sogo' HCC/AOS

    Phal. (Chang Maw Jade ' Eddy' x amboinensis)
    Phal. Guadalupe Pineda (amboinensis 'Carriage Hill Gold' AM/AOS x bellina 'Yungho')
    Phal. Lioulin Green Eagle (K S Evergreen x K S Happy Eagle)
    Phal. 'Purple Martin' x testrapsis
    Phal. 'Rainbow Chip' x 'Timothy Christopher'
    Phal. x Samera (thx chib!)
    Phal. Yaphon Love Song (Mituo Golden Tiger ' White Tiger ' AM/AOS x Yaphon Lover)
    + some mutty Grocery Store Phals

    I don't know what they are...

    --Other non-carnivorous plants--
    Vrisea splenriet
    Violets sprouting up everywhere
    Alocasia amazonica
    Some huge rabbits-food-type fern
    Brocchinia hechtioides
    Aechmea faciata
    Maranta leuconeura 'red'
    Calathea lancifolia most likely
    Cinnamomum verum
    Ficus elastica variegata
    Some pygmy pepperomia
    Monstera adansonii
    Monstera deliciosa variegata
    Purple Shamrock from CSUF (thx Ed!!!)
    Some type of Stapeliad, maybe variegata
    Tradescantia - multiple varieties
    Variegated spider plant
    Pitaya cactuses plants from seed from a white flesh yellow skin fruit, white flesh pink skin fruit, and a pink flesh pink skin fruit
    Sleep Sapote
    Bunch of interesting ferns from CaliCarn's 'garbage' pile
    AnnoGold Golden Sugar-apple
    Lithops (several species from seed )
    Mixed succulents + cactuses from yard scraps
    Golden Kiwis from seeds if they sprout :O
    Strawberries from seeds if they sprout :O
    Last edited by thez_yo; 11-24-2019 at 04:46 PM. Reason: Oops, I bought more plants.

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