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Thread: SDCPs's grow list

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    SDCPs's grow list

    As of 2019 live in Texas panhandle zone 7a, growing outdoors only (except for p. gigantea)

    Species I Will Concentrate on Growing:

    D. indica -- best insect control there is!
    D. filliformis (atlantic variety due to now living in zone 7a)
    Typical Dionea (different clones, genetics)
    S. Lecophylla (different clones, genetics)
    S. Alata (purple helmet)

    P. Gigantea
    D. binata
    D. intermedia
    D. capillaris "Texas Long Arm"
    U. subulata

    --All the above currently on wishlist

    ~SDCPs's Growlist~

    Seeds only (Available for trade!!)--age circa 2015:

    -S. purpurea (from Canada...tons and tons and tons of these!)
    -D. aliciae
    -D. hartmeyerorum
    -D. aliciae
    -Unknown sarra, probably a pure S. flava

    ~SDCPs's Growlist circa 2012, outdated, for historical reference only!~

    Cephalotus Follicularis
    • C. follicularis Typical x2

    Darlingtonia Californica
    • Costal
    • Mountain

    Dionea Muscipula
    • 'B 52'
    • "Southwest Giant"
    • Typical-12 genetically different specimens (ones I like!) Also have seedlings
    • 3x seedgrown from Pender co, NC
    • several seedlings

    Temperate Drosera
    • D. capillaris --Polk Co., Florida "Long arm"
    • D. capillaris --Tate's Hell Swamp, Franklin County, Florida
    • D. filiformis "Florida red"
    • D. intermedia
    • D. tracyii
    • D. tracyii -- 5 genetically different plants from Santa Rosa Co., Florida!
    • D. rotundifolia --Alaska
    • D. rotundifolia --Oregon, TR PK F2 or F3 Lake Wohink
    • D. rotundifolia --California, Big Lagoon, Humbolt Co.

    Tropical Drosera
    • D. adelae
    • D. aliciae
    • D. binata "Dichotoma" 2 parent clones, and offspring. Not self-compatible. Also multifunda and 'Marston Dragon'
    • D. burmannii -- Hong Kong (not red, however) and australia
    • D. capensis-Vogelgat Province, western Cape, South Africa
    • D. capensis TYP
    • D. capensis 'Albino'
    • D. capensis "Broad-Leaf"
    • D. capensis "All Red"-2 clones?
    • D. Collinsiae "Faryland"
    • D. esterhuyseniae x slackii
    • D. glanduligera
    • D. hamiltonii
    • D. indica "Pale Pink Flower" -- Austrailia--Strongest/best drosera hunter I have EVER seen.
    • D. intermedia 'Cuba'
    • D. madagascariensis --Okawango Delta
    • D. madagascariensis --Zimbabwe
    • D. natalensis--2 clones and offspring
    • D. nidiformis
    • D. nidiformis x dielsiana ('Transvaal'?)
    • D. scorpioides--Gidgegannup, Western Australia
    • D. sessilifolia
    • D. spatulata -Fraiser Island
    • D. spatulata -pink flower
    • D. spathulata 'Tamlin'--largest known d. spathulata.
    • D. sp. "South Africa"
    • D. regia
    • D. venusta

    Drosophyllum lusitanicum
    • 14x Dewy Pines-4 parts decomposing granite to 1 part peat seems to be best medium. Plants from 3 different batches of seed from different sources!

    • G. Hispicula

    Nepenthes--Collection size limited. All growing outdoors.
    • N. macfarlanei----C-NMF Genting Clones
    • N. maxima "black speckled"
    • N. sanguinea
    • N. ventricosa
    • N. alata 'Giant' x globosa

    • P. Caerulea--seedlings!!!!
    • P. Grandiflora
    • P. Lusitanica--several plants from seed.
    • P. gigantea-3 clones so far.

    • S. alata -new pitchers green, nice veining, good hood
    • S. alata -some floppy pitchers, nice veining, great hood, new pitchers red
    • S. alata -Greene co. Mississippi-very nice plant, faint pinstripes, flies LOVE it.
    • S. alata -- Harrison County, MS off of Route 10 - Black/Red - #9501
    • S. alata -- 'red/black'
    • S. flava var. cuprea
    • S. flava var. flava x 2
    • S. flava var. maxima -a beast. Has taken over my bog. Very nice and robust plant
    • S. flava var. ornata? -produces robust and beautiful pitchers, one per growth point at a time. Spits them out slowly, but pitchers grow fast
    • S. flava var. rugelli x 3 clones
    • S. flava var. rubricopora --near Sumatra, Florida
    • S. flava var. rubricopora x2 clones
    • S. leucophylla x 4
    • S. leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek White'
    • S. leucophylla X willisii
    • S. minor var. minor x 2 - one more clumps, many smaller pitchers/ second few crowns, big pitchers
    • S. minor seedlings
    • S. oreophila 'Sand Mountain'
    • S. oreophila "Alabama"
    • S. psittacina
    • S. purpurea subsp. venosa --3 clones
    • S. purpurea subsp. purpurea
    • S. rosea --near Seminole (back of tag says Baldwin Co., Alabama; seed grown)
    • S. rubra --2 clones, one seedgrown
    • S. rubra subsp. jonesii x2
    • S. rubra subsp. gulfensis x 2
    • Sarracenia hybrids or unknown species x3

    • U. Livida
    • U. Sandersonii-has purple flowers!
    • U. Dichotoma
    • U. Gibba--3 clones!
    • U. Subulata--3 clones!
    • U. bisquamata

    In Propegation or Waiting to be Sown:

    Roridula dentata
    D. peltata ssp. auriculata-Bathurst, NSW, Australia
    D. peltata ssp. peltata
    D. stolonifera ssp. stolonifera
    D. Burmannii-Evans Head, NSW, Austrailia


    3x unknown pygmies
    Cool bog grass (several feet tall)
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    SDCPs's Trading Post

    The following is outdated, seeds currently for trade as specified in growlist

    About me and my trading habits: I am a reputable grower living in the Semi-Arid Meditarranian climate of San Diego. I like plants that grow well here! Typical humidity: 45-70% Temperatures: 31-103 degrees F. I grow the vast majority of my plants outside. I try to trade honestly and fairly, but will take a bargain if presented one I can not receive seed from outside the US, and will only trade my seed for non-biological items internationally.

    I don't really like hybrid CPs!

    I'm pretty easy-going and try hard to be pleasant, but I don't have much free time, so I may not want to carry on a lengthy conversation.

    Most of my plants are mature and quite a large size. I've done tons of trades and know how to pack.

    Approximate number of seeds per pack (depends on species):
    Drosera: 50-200
    Sarracenia: 30-50
    Dionaea: 30-50
    Utricularia: 50-200

    Varieties I have for trade:

    (Cuttings generally available on all dews. Plants and seed sometimes for trade)

    (Photos represent the genetic makeup of my plants and not the plant(s) you'll get.)

    D. binata "dichotoma" 2 clones available; Seed and Plants available
    D. capensis: plant has a red streak on underside of leaves in bright light, Seed and Plants
    D. capensis ‘Albino’ : Seed and plants
    D. capensis "Broadleaf": Seed and plants, seed-grown plantlets
    D. spatulata “pink flower”: Seed and plants
    D. filiformis "FL Red": Plants and seed
    D. indica "Pale Pink Flower": Seed and plants, very strong!
    D. venusta: My favorite SA sundew, Plants and seed available
    D. aliciae: Plants available
    D. rotundifolia: Plants location data
    D. natalensis seed
    D. burmannii: Seed and plants
    D. intermedia ‘Cuba’: Seed Available

    U. Gibba
    U. subulata: Seed/plants
    U. Sandersonii plants with purple flowers

    S. oreophila 'Sand mountain' Mature plant and seed, CA only, otherwise gift
    S. leucophylla: (seed grown)--mature; 1x Plants, seed (from different plant) available
    S. alata Greene co. Mississippi: seed


    Peanut Cactus, clone from Mexico. C. silvestrii: Unrooted plant portions (roots easily)
    Notocactus mammulosus: Seed, one small plant

    Plants and Things I'm looking for

    I may not want things already on my growlist, but am sometimes looking for more genetic variety!

    • Cephalotus...typical
    • Sundews! Location data expecially wanted.
    • South African dews...seed with location data best.
    • Terrestrial utrics...seed prefered.
    • Genlisia seed/plants
    • Drosophyllum Seed, cross-polination preferred
    • Butterworts! P. lutea and planifolia seed prefered

    1. Silver coins (for example, silver American Eagles)--I collect those.
    1. Books on Cps
    1. Quality LFSM
    1. Metal detector
    1. Good microscope
    1. Quality tools
    1. STRONG Magnets
    1. Quality LASERs
    2. Working digital point-n-shoot camera
    2. Alphasmart 3000 (a keyboard computer like thing)
    2. Electronic kits
    2. Quality gadgets
    2. Foreign currency (esp. Yuan)
    3. Electronic parts (not junk)
    3. Sound scooper (those things with the dish on top that hear sounds from far away)
    3. Computer game: Universal Combat-collector’s edition or Universal Combat gold
    And other things!

    Will trade for postage (stamps)

    PM or Email me!
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