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Thread: Nates Grow list

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    Nates Grow list

    X "Song of melancholy"
    (Spectabilis x Truncata) x Boschiana
    Truncata Large "Lowland"
    Truncata Large "Pasion"
    Truncata XS "Q x K"
    Truncata small "pasion"
    Truncata x (Vent x Sib)
    Truncata x (Vent x Aristo)
    Truncata x Sib
    Truncata x Izumea
    Truncata x Ephipiata
    Talangensis x Veitchii
    Talangensis x Sib
    Large Sibuyanensis (EP)
    Lowii (BE)
    Lowii "EP Seedgrown"
    Lowii x Camapanulata
    Lowii x Boschiana
    Lowii x Spectabilis x2
    Lowii x Ventricosa
    Venticosa x Lowii
    Lowii x Merrilana x 2
    Lowii x Truncata "Wide peristome" x3
    Lowii x Veitchii
    Densiflora x Truncata (Dark)
    Spectabilis x Truncata
    Veitchii H/L Striped
    Peter D'Amato
    Maxima x Veitchii
    (Lowii x Veitchii) x Boschiana
    Ventricosa x TM
    "Jungle Bells"
    Venricosa x Clipeata
    Maxima x Spathulata
    Sanguenia x Truncata
    judith Finn
    2 Ventricosa
    Eymea x Veitchii
    X "Rokko"
    Unknown Hybrid (Sam Este)
    Veitchii x Eymea (7 growth points!!!)
    Ventricosa "Denver"
    Spectabilsi x Ventricosa
    Platichylla x Vetchii
    X "Miranda"
    Maxima x Trusmadianensis
    Izumea x TM
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