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Thread: Doomsday's Growlist

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    Doomsday's Growlist

    Doomsday's Growlist

    Cephalotus follicularis (CB2012)
    Cephalotus follicularis (Dew Drops)
    Cephalotus follicularis (ZW)

    Dionaea muscipula Akai Ryu
    Dionaea muscipula Coquillage
    Dionaea muscipula FTS Crimson Sawtooth
    Dionaea muscipula FTS Maroon Monster
    Dionaea muscipula King Henry
    Dionaea muscipula Microdent
    Dionaea muscipula x B52
    Dionaea muscipula x Unnamed 1
    Dionaea muscipula x Unnamed 2
    Dionaea muscipula x Unnamed 3
    Dionaea muscipula x Unnamed 4
    Dionaea muscipula x Unnamed 5

    Drosera adelae
    Drosera aliciae
    Drosera arenicola
    Drosera binata "Red Dwarf"
    Drosera binata
    Drosera burmannii Humpty Doo
    Drosera capensis Albino
    Drosera capensis Big Pink
    Drosera capensis Red
    Drosera graomogolensis
    Drosera hilaris
    Drosera natalensis
    Drosera natalensis
    Drosera riparia
    Drosera scorpioides
    Drosera sp. Floating
    Drosera spatulata Ruby Slippers
    Drosera tokaiensis
    Drosera tomentosa
    Drsoera x Hercules

    Heliamphora ceracea
    Heliamphora chimatensis
    Heliamphora exappendiculata
    Heliamphora heterodoxa
    Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor Cherry Top
    Heliamphora heterodoxa x nutans
    Heliamphora hispida
    Heliamphora ionasi
    Heliamphora macdonaldae
    Heliamphora neblinae “Mysterious Giant”
    Heliamphora nutans “Giant” Meristem Clone
    Heliamphora pulchella Churi
    Heliamphora sp. Akopan
    Heliamphora sp. Angasima
    Heliamphora uncinata

    Nepenthes “Red Leopard”
    Nepenthes “Sinister” (f)
    Nepenthes (talangensis & ampullaria + unknown in hybrid)
    Nepenthes albomarginata
    Nepenthes lingulata
    Nepenthes platychila x vogellii

    Pinguicula agnata x (moranensis x ehlersiae)
    Pinguicula ehlersiae
    Pinguicula esseriana
    Pinguicula gigantea
    Pinguicula gypsicola

    Sarracenia Dana's Delight
    Sarracenia ??
    Sarracenia ??
    Sarracenia purpurea
    Sarracenia rosea

    Utricularia humboldtii
    Utricularia nelumbifolia
    Utricularia nephrophylla Pink Flower
    Utricularia nephrophylla White Flower
    Utricularia pubescens
    Utricularia reniformis
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