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Thread: J Barclay's growlist

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    J Barclay's growlist

    stylidium debile - fast grower! less than spectacular flowers.

    drosophullum lusitanicum

    darlingtonia californica

    dionaea typical
    'cupped': )
    'colorado giant'

    drosera roseana
    drosera scorpiodes

    drosera adelae
    drosera anglica - great little sundew
    drosera binata marston dragon
    drosera intermedia
    drosera filiformis "fl giant"
    drosera spatulata
    drosera venusta
    drosera capensis
    want: wooly sundews! especially broomensis, derbyensis, lanata, ordensis
    drosera capensis 'bains kloof'& other 'tree' sundews
    drosera citrina

    sarracenia alabamensis
    sarracenia Leucophylla x Gulfensis
    sarracenia Alata
    sarracenia Flava
    sarracenia Rubra Sub. Wherryi
    sarracenia Purpurea purpurea
    sarracenia Purpurea ‘Jersey Girl’
    sarracenia Exornata
    sarracenia ‘Exornata’ x oreo - beautiful!
    Sarravenia (flava x purpurea) x purpurea
    sarracenia Catesbaei (Alata X flava x purpurea)
    sarracenia flava rugelli x oreophila - insanely wide pitchers, overflows with large bugs in 3 weeks
    sarracenia courtii northern x rubra alabamensis

    pinguicula moranensis
    pinguicula moranensis huahuapan
    pinguicula moranensis 'highlights'
    pinguicula x 'weser'
    pinguicula x 'sethos'
    pinguicula ehlersiae x moranensis
    pinguicula laueana
    pinguicula esseriana
    want: pinguicula macroceros
    pinguicula lusitanica

    nepenthes ampullaria
    nepenthes gracillima (?)
    nepenthes rafflesiana pink
    nepenthes sanguinea
    nepenthes ventricosa hot lips x ventricosa red

    utricularia sandersonii (blue and typical)
    utricularia livida (blue and white)
    utricularia bisquamati small flower
    utricularia 'praelonga x livida' - may be deceased
    utricularia longifolia
    want: many, many more terrestrials

    want: roridula

    drosera arcturi - after 8 months... aphids attack. >:-[
    drosera hilaris - germinated well but did not do well long term. too cold?

    other plants

    sauromatum venosum
    amorphophallus konjac
    hildewintera colademononis

    I also keep fresh & saltwater fish and invertebrates, tarantula & snake.
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    2019 Update

    I no longer grow any of these!
    Having been away for several years, my collection now consists only of what has been able to grow with little to no care.
    Update for 2019
    I have:

    200-300 poorly labelled Sarracenia, mostly from Jerry Addington, Sarracenia Northwest, and Cooks Carnivores. - I can't wait for summer, so much work to do

    Drosera filiformis
    D. capensis
    D. binata

    Nepenthes albomarginata (green)
    Nepenthes ampullaria
    N. pectinata - no pitchers

    Pinguicula moranensis
    P. moranensis 'huahuapan'
    P. sp.
    P. Ehlersiae

    Dionaea muscipula

    Thats it! ( : (

    Most interested in reuniting with Utricularia juncea, Dionaea 'cupped', Drosera spatulata, and Stylidium debile.
    Also any other easy growing utric; I just love the little guys.
    Always looking for purp hetero OP seeds.
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