Hi everyone! It has been a while since I have updated my growlist, so I thought i'd do a new list with everything that I currently have.
In the Greenhouse (I have most of my plants)
-King Henry
-Red sawtooth
-NOID possibly Dente


Cobra Lily:
Darlingtonia Californica (coastal variety, but does handle temp swings just fine)

-Flava Ornata X (Purp. X Oreo) (mini bog)
-Jonseii (mini bog)
-(Purp X Psitisina) X Minor
-Purp. Venosa
-Leucophylla 'Tarnock; (mini bog)
-Purp X Rubra
-(Ladies in Waiting X Darwin's Colosus) X Leah Wilkerson
-Alata 'Red hood'
-Flava Coppertop
-(Purp X Rubra) X Judith Hindle 'A' (this one is taller and lightly veined)
-(Purp X Rubra) X Judith Hindle 'B' (this one is short and red with heavy veins)
-Purp Rosea
-Catsbei X Purp
-(Leuco X Oreo) X Tapestry
-Psitisina X Purp
-Various no id hybrid seedlings

In the Window

-Ramispina X Spathulata

-Binata Dichotama 'blackheath'
-Capensis 'white/broad leaf'

I also have two small bog gardens:
S. Doodle Bug
S. Bug bat
S. Oreophylla
S. (Alata red/black X Flava Kimber) XPurp
S. Leuco 'Tarnock'
S. Alata 'red hood'
S. Dana's Delight
S. Oreo X Flava
VFT King henry

Thank you all for taking a look. Sorry if I misspelled anything, i'm better at growing than at spelling. I know there is a lot of debate about the Rubra's and the Purpurea's, I just listed my plants as they were labeled when I got them.
Hope you enjoy!