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Thread: Bryant's Pinguicula Grow List

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    Bryant's Pinguicula Grow List

    Pinguicula Alfred Lau 13
    Pinguicula "ANPA A"
    Pinguicula "ANPA C"
    Pinguicula "ANPA D"
    Pinguicula 'Aphrodite'
    Pinguicula "El Mirador"
    Pinguicula 'Florian'
    Pinguicula 'Fraser Beauty'
    Pinguicula 'George Sargent'
    Pinguicula 'Gina'
    Pinguicula 'John Rizzi'
    Pinguicula 'Pirouette'
    Pinguicula Seductora"
    Pinguicula 'Sethos'
    Pinguicula 'Tina'
    Pinguicula 'Titan'
    Pinguicula 'Weser'

    Pinguicula Yucca Do 1717

    *Location data for ANPA plants is Tonala, state of Puebla, Mexico
    Pinguicula agnata red leaf
    Pinguicula agnata 'True Blue'
    Pinguicula apasionada
    Pinguicula cyclosecta
    Pinguicula ehlersiae
    Pinguicula ibarrae
    Pinguicula jaumavensis
    Pinguicula laueana
    Pinguicula moranensis
    Pinguicula moranensis A
    Pinguicula moranensis D
    Pinguicula moranensis DBG clone
    Pinguicula moranensis f. Vera Paz
    Pinguicula moranensis "kewensis"
    Pinguicula potosiensis
    Pinguicula sp. "Lautner 92/52"
    Pinguicula sp "Sumidero"

    Pinguicula RE clone #1
    Pinguicula laueana x emarginata CP2 VB clone
    Pinguicula ehlersiae x oblongiloba
    Pinguicula moranensis x ehlersiae
    Pinguicula gigantea x pilosa
    Pinguicula gigantea x moctezumae

    Warm Temperate
    Pinguicula lusitanica
    Pinguicula primuliflora

    As of 12/09/2016
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