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Thread: Vegetable Don's Growlist

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    Vegetable Don's Growlist

    Here is a list of my carnivorous plants

    Dionaea Muscipula (green)
    Dionaea Muscipula "Red Dragon"

    Drosera Capensis
    Drosera Omissa x Pulchella
    Drosera Adelae 'giant'
    Drosera Adelae
    Drosera Slackii
    Drosera Tracyi
    Drosera Venusta
    Drosera Dichrosepalda (verrucata)
    Drosera Paleacea 'giant' (micrantha)
    Drosera Indumenta

    Pinguicula "Sethos"
    Pinguicula Laueana
    Pinguicula Laueana "Red"
    Pinguicula Cyclosecta

    Sarracenia Unknown hybrid
    Sarracenia Pupurea Venosa
    Sarracenia Flava (unknown form)
    Sarracenia Flava

    Heliamphora Minor

    Cephalotus Follicularis "Daniela"

    Nepenthes x Ventrata
    Nepenthes x Cemerlang
    Nepenthes x Rebecca Soper
    Nepenthes Spathulata x Robcantleyi
    Nepenthes x Mixta
    Nepenthes Ramispina x Robcantleyi
    Nepenthes Alata x unknown (possibly alata x ramispina)
    Nepenthes Ventricosa x Alba

    Nepenthes Ventricosa
    Nepenthes Spectabilis "Sibuatan"
    Nepenthes Tobaica "Sumatra"
    Nepenthes Aenigma
    Nepenthes Sanguinea "Orange"
    Nepenthes Tentaculata "Gunung Tambusisi"
    Nepenthes Glabrata
    Nepenthes Jamban
    Nepenthes Truncata
    Nepenthes Dactylifera
    Nepenthes Maxima
    Nepenthes Chaniana
    Nepenthes Lowii
    Neptenthes Vogelii
    Nepenthes Densiflora
    Nepenthes Izumiae
    Nepenthes Barcelonae (?) labled as sibuyanensis

    Utricularia Sandersonii
    Utricularia bisquamata
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