D. Typicals
D. All Green (Adler)
D. Arching Flat Skinny Leaves (Phaulisi)
D. B1 (Adler)
D. B52 (Harris, originated from Henning)
D. Big Mouth (Cook)
D. Big Jaws F2 (Phaulisi)
D. Big Jaws x Dente (Ziemer)
D. Bob Ziemer's Typical 1955 (Ziemer)
D. Burbanks Best (Paroubek)
D. Carolina Red Trap (Lane)
D. Clumping Cultivar (Harris)
D. Creeping Death (Spacer)
D. Crested (Cook)
D. Cup Trap (Spacer)
D. Cup Trap "Tamlin's Form" (Witt)
D. Czech Giant (Triffid Park)
D. Dente (PFT)
D. Dingley Red/Purple (Lane)
D. Dutch (Triffid Park)
D. Fang (Paroubek)
D. Fast (Trifffid Park)
D. Fintooth x Red (Cook)
D. Fused Tooth (Lane)
D. Giant from Best Cp's (BCP)
D. Giant Summer Upright, AKA Huge Fall Rossette (Phaulisi)
D. Giant Red Rosette AKA Big Jaws (Phaulisi)
D. Giant Rosette AKA Red Purple (Phaulisi)
D. Giant upright AKA Burgendy Trap (Phaulisi)
D. Green Dragon (PFT)
D. Hennings Giant (Lane)
D. Jaws x Petite Dragon (Ziemer)
D. Long Red Finger (Paroubek)
D. Low Giant (Triffid Park)
D. Mixed Giants Upright Form (BCP)
D. Mixed Giants Rossetted Form (BCP)
D. Paradisia (Triffid Park)
D. Petes Giant (Pham.. my clone, just a bogus name)
D. Petite Dragon (Ziemer)
D. Petite Dragon x Petite Dragon (Ziemer)
D. Pink Venus (Harris)
D. Prostrate (Phong)
D. Red Dragon (Cook)
D. Red Green (Triffid Park)
D. Red Jaws (Spacer)
D. Red Piranha f2 (Phaulisi)
D. Red Piranha (Paroubek)
D. Red Trap (Harris)
D. Regal Red (Spacer)
D. Royal Red (Paroubek)
D. Saw Tooth (Cook, Lane)
D. Shark Tooth (Lane)
D. Spider (Phong)
D. Vigorous (Triffid Park)
D. Wide Leaves Big traps Upright (Phaulisi)
D. Yellow (Triffid Park)

S. Minor
S. alabamensis
S. Rubra Rubra
S. Purpurea Venosa
S. Purpurea Purpurea Mudpond NY
S. Purpurea Purpurea Streeter Lake, NY
S. Judith Hindle
S. Flava
S. Alta
S. Leuco 'Red'
S. Alata Black x Flava Red
S. Flava Red x Moorei
S. Oreophila Dekalb County, AL
S. Rubra wheryii


D. burmannii
D. nidiformis
D. Dictoma Giant
D. Binata 'Marston Dragon'
D. Capensis 'red'
D. capensis 'typical'
D. Filiformis ssp filiformis
D. Filiformis California Sunset
D. binata

That is my list so far, there are probably a few I forgot, but it's most of them.