Big Mouth 2
Blood Red Traps 1
Creeping Death 1
Dentate Traps 2
Dingley Giant 1 Dead
Dirk Ventham's Giant 1
Fang 1
Green Dragon 6-10 Dead
G16 Adrian Slack's Giant 1
Hosford Florida 1 Gone
Prostrate 2 Dead
Red Pirahna f2 1 Gone
Royal Red 1
South West Giant 1
Spider 1 Dead
Typical 4

Drosophyllum lusitanicum 1 Dead

S. flava 1 Dead
S. unknown hybrid Gone

D. scorpioides 20+ Dead

Looking for:

Dingley Giant

Due to an unfortunate mishap in the refridgerator, a number of my Venus Fly Trap varieties perished. Here is the new list. The only species I grow currently is the Dioneae muscipula

Big Mouth
Blood Red Traps
Creeping Death
Dentate Traps
Dirk Ventham's Giant
G16 Adrian Slack's Giant
Jaws x Petite Dragon
Royal Red
South West Giant
Feather Type
Spider recovers
Dingley Giant recovers