D. muscipula typical (lowes)

D. adelae (lowes)
D. spatulata
D. nidiformis
D. Aliciae
D. capensis typical
D. capensis 'albino'
D. amiriblis
D. amiriblis Palmiet River, RSA
D. binata "extrema" (young- hasn't shown the extrema part)
D. intermedia bahia brazil
D. desliana
Drosera auriculata
D. tokansis
D. madigascaris?

U. microcalyx
U. livida
U. inflata
U. gibba (?) NC
U. mystery NC
U. subulata
U. bisquamata
U. tricolor
U. sp-1 (from copper's giveaway)
U. sandersonii 'Blue'
U. sandersonii
U. lateriflora
U. longifolia

P. primuliflora (lowes)
P. 'John rizzy'
P. moranensis "G"
P. 'tina'

S. purpurea (from lowes)

N. belii x ventricosa (cutting)
N. hirsuta x veitchii (cutting)

NON-CP PLANTS (just the most interesting ones)
T. recurvata

P. edulis
P. incarnata
in the future- P. incarnata white

hey, it's longer than I realized Tell me if I've made any errors and if you gave me (or know who gave me) some plants, just PM me. I know where I got some of them but I won't even try to spell them now lol.