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Thread: Wildbill's growlist

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    My Growlist, Last Updated May 14, 2008

    Sarracenia alata
    Sarracenia catebesi
    Sarracenia x Dana's Delight
    Sarracenia flava, from seed
    Sarracenia flava heavily veined, from seed
    Sarracenia x Judith Hindle
    Sarracenia leucophylla, from seed
    Sarracenia leucophylla x (alata x oreophila) seedlings
    Sarracenia leucophylla Hurricane Creek White
    Sarracenia leucophylla "Red Tube"
    Sarracenia leucophylla Tarnok
    Sarracenia leucophylla Titan
    Sarracenia oreophila
    Sarracenia purpurea, from seed
    Sarracenia purpurea, one all green form, from a batch of 'typical' seeds
    Sarracenia purpurea 'Connecticut'
    Sarracenia rubra
    Sarracenia rubra alabamensis
    Sarracenia rubra jonesii

    Heliamphora nutans
    Heliamphora pulchella chimanta

    Nepenthes Lowland:
    Nepenthes ampullaria Cantley's Red
    Nepenthes bicalcarata "orange"
    Nepenthes Judith Finn
    Nepenthes maxima dark x (northiana x veitchi)
    Nepenthes maxima hybrid
    nepenthes mirabilis
    Nepenthes northiana x veitchi from seed
    Nepenthes petra
    Nepenthes puna
    Nepenthes rafflesiana
    Nepenthes red leopard
    Nepenthes truncata
    Nepenthes veitchi x lowi
    Nepenthes viellardi

    Nepenthes Highland:
    Nepenthes aristolochioides, wedding present from Schloaty!!
    Nepenthes bongso
    Nepenthes Briggsiana, from Phil Faulisi
    Nepenthes burbidgea x edwardsiana, from Tony P.
    Nepenthes (clipeata x ventricosa) x (clipeata x ventricosa), from seed
    Nepenthes diatas
    Nepenthes hamata Wistuba
    Nepenthes khasiana x ventricosa
    Nepenthes lowii
    Nepenthes macfarlanei
    Nepenthes macrophylla
    Nepenthes madagascariensis
    Nepenthes rajah
    Nepenthes sanguina
    Nepenthes sibuyanensis
    Nepenthes singalana
    Nepenthes (spathulata x spectabilis) x (maxima x fusca), from seed
    Nepenthes ventricosa, from seed
    Nepenthes veitchi Bareo Highland
    Nepenthes villosa

    Pinguicula moranensis

    Utricularia livida

    Cephalotus follicularis
    Cephalotus 'Hummmer's Giant'

    VFT Bigmouth
    VFT Dingley Giant
    VFT (red rosette giant) x (burgundy trap giant upright) from Phil Faulisi
    VFT Red Dragon
    VFT Royal Red
    VFT Slack's Giant
    VFT Z02

    Drosera adelae
    Drosera binata
    Drosera capensis
    Drosera filiformis
    Drosera intermedia
    Drosera multifida extrema, from Phil Faulisi
    Drosera nitidula
    Drosera prolifera
    Drosera rotundifolia

    New England Carnivorous Plant Society
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