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Thread: Lets Play . . . Name That Raff . . .

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    Lets Play . . . Name That Raff . . .

    Hiya All-

    Some of you know that I have been searching for some nice size bicals and raffs for my new lowland greenhouse.

    Well, I just got this N. raff gigantea yesterday (11/16) and unfortunately upon inspection, it had a couple of broken leaves and in particular a snapped off growth tip The older of the two pitcher is dying off and the other came in with a slit on its side.

    The seller thinks that it is a Singapore giant, but I was wondering if you raff fans can verify that or have another ID for it?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Good Growing Everyone


    ps. Sorry for the bad pics

    Here are some pics I took this morning (11/18) for size reference:

    Hope these help you raff fans in summing up an ID for me.

    Nepenthes gracilis, thanks for chimming in
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    Absolutely! You got it right as well as your supplier.

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