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Thread: Need some ID's

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    Tropical Fish Enthusiast jimscott's Avatar
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    How about D. roundandstickia? Seriously, nice looking plants and pictures!

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    Like Not a Number said, Drosera capillaris is a very populous and highly ubiquitous in its range. Everywhere I've seen it, while traveling through parts of its range, I've seen many variations of the species, some similar to the one in your opening post, that are, perhaps aberrant forms of Drosera capillaris. It always made me wonder about possible hybrid origins, or that this particular species is prone to be highly variable. My best guess is that, since there are so many of this species extant in almost any and every optimal or marginal habitat within its range, that this exceptionally large gene-pool is the reason more variation is evident with this species.
    Joseph Clemens
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    All 3 plants were growing within a foot or 2 of each other. I'd check out the seeds but, it doesn't flower.

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