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Thread: Help with a VFT from OSH

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    Since it is in the ID section he probably would like to know if it is a known cultivar or not. Some of the registered cultivars are impossible to identify unless the growing conditions and the age of the plant are just right. Except for those with distinctive "teeth" or deformed traps most of the time they look "typical".

    Stores like OSH sometimes do sell the same cultivars that AgriStarts 3 sells - at the moment 'Dente', 'Cupped Trap' and "King Henry". In the past they sold 'Akai Ryu' and some others. I've found 'Cupped Trap' in Home Depot.
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    Unfortunately, if it is a cultivar, it likely will never be able to get an exact label
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    I never even notice what sub-forum I am in! I read terraforums with "new posts"..
    which simply shows all posts that are new since the last time I visited.
    I then open specific threads in new tabs if I want to read them..
    I never pay any attention to what specific forum a post is in, so I would have never noticed
    this is the "identify that plant" forum..probably few people did, which is why we didn't understand
    what question was being asked..

    actually, I dont think I was even aware the "identify that plant" forum existed!

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