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Thread: Unknown Sarracenia hybrids

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    Unknown Sarracenia hybrids

    Hi everyone!

    I have 3 no-name Sarracenias (hybrids). Could you please help me with identification? Thank you in advance!


    Unknown Sarracenia hybrids-1-jpg


    Unknown Sarracenia hybrids-2-jpg


    Unknown Sarracenia hybrids-3-jpg

    Unknown Sarracenia hybrids-3-1-jpg
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    Unless it's a plant that perfectly matches the appearance of a known cultivar, they're just that: unidentified hybrids. There are too many crosses out there to make any positive ID without being able to trace the origin or make a cultivar match. the first has flava and purpurea involved, but could also have alata, rubra, etc. Second involves at leas leucophylla and purpurea, but looks like at least a backcross or could be something far more complicated. The third, similarly, has at least leucophylla, purpurea, something either alata or of the rubra complex, but beyond that is unknown.
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