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Thread: Introduction

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    Suggested by our lovable PlantaKiss, this thread is here for the identification of your unknown plants. Don't know what you have? Post a picture! Want to flex your brain muscle? Tell some one else what they have!


    Give a detailed title to your post/thread, (we don't need a million 'unknown vft' topics&#33

    If you can, POST A PICTURE!!!

    Give Accurate and Detailed Descriptions

    Tell us what conditions you have it in, this can help identify it!

    As Always, Be Nice!


    Moderators will be moving old threads with 'identify me' type threads from their old topics to this one. If you find one that hasn't yet been moved, look and see what the names of the moderators of those threads are, and PM them a link to the thread, they will move it here.

    We hope this is a great new thread that you will all love and enjoy!
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    Hey folks, can I add a suggestion?

    Make sure the genus name is in the title or subtitle of your post.


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