I caught this rather large non-furry cobweb spider following this fluttering moth back and forth across the ceiling, finally the moth got ensnared in a web. This spider would bite it, tie a few strings on the moth and run the moth would flutter like mad the spider would come back bite the moth again and ties on some strands and then take off and wait for the moth to get done thrashing about then come back and do it all again. Took about 1/2 n hour for it to subdue the large moth - I was planning to catch that moth for my female mantis! Using the zoom on the camera I can see this has been a busy spider all sorts of carcases hung up there.

I know these pics are awful, but the spider is like 15 feet up on the vaulted ceiling. Does anyone think it looks like an immature or male widow?

I have a video of this spider attacking the moth (better than these stills) but I don't know how to upload to you tube if someone can PM me some instructions on how to get from a .mov file on my camera to a video online it would be much appreciated.