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Thread: Hello From Hayward , California

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    A fascinating, if often tragic, story. Extremely low prices for typical flytraps would take some of the pressure off of the wild populations, I would think. I agree with Andrew about police - they are like everyone else. There are good ones and there are not-so-good ones. Dedication and effort continue to be the main elements dividing success from failure.

    I can hardly wait to see your photos, should you choose to post them David. 'Maybe worth starting a new thread for?
    - Mark

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    Well I already did my first try 10 days ago (for fun, I'm not planning to start a business). TC pictures

    Mostly seeds from the ICPS. So far no contamination on them but it's also too early to see if the seeds are still alive (I sow half of them the traditional way as a positive control).
    Only a tissue from a sarracenia got mold, decontamination protocol was clearly not ok. Other test tissues are still ok (or bleached to death).

    Also I did it at work (microbiology research lab) so I'm not really concerned about any potential troubleshooting / issues or even potential "dangers".
    For the "agony of defeat", it will just feel like a regular day then. I have beers in the fridge for these kind of days

    Edit: I agree with bluemax, a new TC topic may be more appropriate, so I will not post any further TC related things here.
    Anyway welcome and I look forward to read more!
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    I agree in the spirit of moving forward I will close this thread. But first, how about a treat? I KNOW AN answer to your problem. I went through 6 months of pain to learn this one. I tried all the standard solutions to sterilize seeds all failed. When I got them sterile they never germinated. I cried, quitting was not an option, but I quit. Funny but ten min. I thought of the answer! Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, 1drop tween or plain dish soap added to the 70% isopropyl Alcohol. For two minutes, then, rinse for 2 min. In distilled water. In the Hood. On to the ga-3 soak,
    And ready for implantation. But, wait some of of those Tuberous Drosera seed are so small, draft from the hood will blow them out of the hood.You can put ten of those seeds on a pin head. With a paper plate sterilized for a wind breaker. Take a sterile dental tool, you can find them at the flea market. Use the butt of the tool, dip into sterile water-just the tip of the end into sterile water. The seed will attach to the end like magic, okay it will adhere due to the surface tension of water. You will see this work, You have denatured the seed coat, you may not need the ga-3. You know I am a plant tissue culturest and it was a treat for me to give you the info. Peace, This Thread is closed.

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