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Thread: Hi from Houston TX

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    Hi from Houston TX

    Hey guys, I joined here because of interest in nepenthes. Though I could probably be persuaded to grow different species of CP as well... I've been gardening most of my life and a few years ago took care of a friends nepenthes (I think it was N x ventrata). I've wanted one since, but recently I felt like something new and remember it so I decided to go ahead and plan and get started.

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    Welcome to the forum. You'll find it to be a helpful resource. Nepenthes are a great genus of plant to be interested in growing, they're my favorite too. You should also take a look at one of the other types of pitcher plants, sarracenia. Your climate is ideal for growing many of them outdoors year round.

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    Hello MushroomMan,

    I am also from Houston. Nice to know some CP growers nearby.


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