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Thread: Hi from Alaska

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    Hi from Alaska

    I used to be on here and CPUK years ago, so I'm not a newbie really. I've been growing Cp's for 20+ years.
    Just decided I finally have time to spend on the forums again. I spend half my year in Alaska, half in Washington state. The majority of my CP collection is in WA. I grow mostly temperate species outdoors in mini bogs but have a small terrarium inside with a few warm climate plants.
    Looking forward to seeing whats changed on the forums and reconnect with everyone


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    Welcome back! Were you interested in getting access to your old account again? If so, send me a PM with the name, and email that was connected to it and I'll see about getting it back to you. Or if you want to keep this name, I can link the old posts to this name, whatever you'd like.
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    Welcome back. Looking forward to hearing more from you. If you don't mind me asking what is it that takes back and forth between Washington and Alaska?

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    Welcome back!

    What part of Alaska do you spend your summers in?
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