Welcome from me too, Zind! Welcome to the forums and to the addiction!

Definitely looks likes some Drosera that are starving for some great light. I will be interested to see how they fare under your new lights. You will know really quickly when a new leaf or two have come in and the tendrils show red color instead of white/clear coloring.

Check out my tiny D. binata hitchhiker plant as an example.

My older leaf was in the old setup with too little light a few weeks ago and it was pale. Forgive the focus, it was in an awkward position to get it nicer than that at the moment.

Then look how the NEW leaf has brilliant red tendrils already!

The whole plant will get nice and red eventually. The new setup I have is definitely offering the light they should enjoy and like you we just gotta keep watching and see how they fare and add more as needed!

If you ever want to read some good info on growing Sundews indoors, I really like Aaron's work on this site: http://www.growsundews.com/

Best of luck!