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Thread: A big Hello from 1yearflowers

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    Quote Originally Posted by adnedarn View Post
    Their final conclusion gave not too long after the start of our discussion... was that it was their competitor that created the account and spammed here. The email address they registered with had SEO in it, and the IP address linked to India. I find it hard to conclude that their competitor hired a cheap SEO company to destroy their rep. lmao It is also suspicious that they came to that conclusion so quickly. oh well.
    We will never know the truth, because they have no reason to reveal what they know, their only motivation is to limit damage.

    I'm the one that alerted them to the spamming of Terraforums. I messaged the company using their live chat utility and let them know that the act of spamming our group was inappropriate and violated the rules of sign-up. The person I spoke with was puzzled by the occurrence and very apologetic, and asked me to speak on their behalf to the forum and apologize (I declined, suggesting instead they contact Terraforums management and correct the problem directly). This person did indicate that they employ an ad agency of some kind to promote them, and its possible this agency is unscrupulous and inclined to spam anyone in order to achieve volume, so who knows - it could be a "third party problem".

    I have no way of knowing whether their apology and surprise was real, or disingenuous, but I don't buy the "our competitor is trying to damage our reputation" bit.
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    Thanks for reaching out to them, interesting that they never contacted me until I wrote on their FB page about it and then they contacted me very quickly. So seems like they really didn't care until I started posting to their platforms to show their potential customers what was going on.
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